Church! of Park Slope

Morning Church! meets 10:30am Sundays at Postmark Cafe

PS Kids!

Our focus in P.S. Kids! (Park Slope Kids!) is Prayer and Action. We want to develop children with tender hearts who seek after God and understand His power to answer prayer. We also want to encourage children to take an active part in what they are praying for. An African Proverb states it well: When you pray, move your feet! We believe that God desires a complete trust in Him (prayer) and a motivation to act (move your feet) from all of us.

In order to apply this focus, children are given opportunities for prayer, service, learning, and outreach. Our desire is that the children in P.S. Kids! follow the example of Jesus by praying for, loving, and serving their community, their friends, their neighbors, and their schoolmates.

The purpose of P.S. Kids! is to help you lead your children into a relationship with Jesus and to nurture and support the development of spiritual foundations in their lives.

An accepting and loving place

Children need a place where they feel loved and accepted as a part of God's family. Children sometimes experience rejection from school, "friends", and relatives. We want them to find a safe place within P.S. Kids!.

Parents are the foundation

The foundation of Christian education begins in your home. You are the most important influence in your children's lives. The Bible tells us that, as parents, we are to teach our children what God's Word says and help them live accordingly. P.S. Kids! wants to support you in this teaching as we also teach your children God's standards.


Everything we do in P.S. Kids! is done with excellence. We strive to provide teaching experiences that are interesting, invigorating, age appropriate, and full of life-application.


Jesus came to serve and not to be served (Mt. 20:28). He is our example. At P.S. Kids! we feel it is important for your children to learn that true joy comes from serving others in ministry to God.


P.S. Kids! is fun! We are sharing the Good News about Jesus with your children . . . the very word of life! This message is not boring!