Church! of Park Slope

Morning Church! meets 10:30am Sundays at Postmark Cafe


In 2003, while attending Crossroads Christian Church in Bay Ridge, a small group began to pray about starting a new church in Brooklyn. Some of us had tried to find a church in Park Slope that was a good fit, but the church in Bay Ridge was the closest place that offered the service and worship opportunities we were seeking. After careful prayer and consideration, we believed God was leading us to Park Slope to start a church.

We knew we didn't want to start just another church. We desired a community that strives to know Jesus and invites others along on the spiritual search. We decided to call it "Church!" because our goal is simply to try to be Jesus' people – that's it. We are committed not to being "Church! – the group down the street," but rather "the group that follows Jesus and adds and beautifies and loves and helps make our neighborhood better."

Today we are a church of 60 or 70 followers of Jesus, and we’re growing. Church! continues to be fairly organic in its growth and change. We love doing what is natural and what God puts in front of us, and we plan on being a church that continues to do this.


Postmark Café is a full service coffee shop run by Church! On a prayer day in Park Slope an idea for the coffee shop was born, and we couldn't seem to shake it. We love making friends with our neighbors. We love to share life with friends. We love hanging out and drinking coffee. We love not being hidden in a church building somewhere. Opening up Postmark seemed a perfect fit.