Church! of Park Slope

Morning Church! meets 10:30am Sundays at Postmark Cafe


Brad Canning (Pastor/Team Leader)

Besides my love for my family, my other passions include playing Frisbee, watching movies, and reading a good book. My only exercise is play, and I don't play enough . . . I enjoy golfing (but rarely get a tee time), and dodge ball is in my DNA. My favorite superhero is Wolverine. I love that as a Pastor and Team Leader, I get to spend much of my time teaching, leading, and caring for my friends and family here at Church!

Aubrey Hairston (Worship Leader)

I am originally from Burke, VA and have been playing the piano since I was seven years old. I've always had a love for music, I'm not a virtuoso, but I can learn most things. I ended up in New York trying my hand at the music business and after five years of banging my head against walls and hearing "no" a lot, I started to realize that maybe it wasn't what God had in store for me. I began writing Christian songs and found that they had "a little something more" to them. I'm currently working on a new album and I'm pretty excited about that. I love Church! and all that it has brought into my life. The friends, the community, and my lovely wife-to-be. When I'm not working on Church! and music stuff, I enjoy watching a ton of T.V. and movies, playing/watching football, and exploring Prospect Park.

Andréa Hairston (Family Pastor)

I've been an active member of the Brooklyn Church! community since 2006. It's where I met my husband Aubrey and have had three amazing kids. My desire is to help families grow in faith as we live our lives together here in Brooklyn.

Katie Love - Coffee Guzzler (and Postmark Manager)

I have been loving Church! and Postmark Cafe since our family moved here from Brighton England in 2013. I enjoy watching and helping friends in Park Slope to experience God's love in simple ways. One of these is through serving up awesome coffee with a smile and a listening ear at Postmark.